Sometime back I'd promised I'd find time each weekend to take up one craft activity with Naisha and try one recipe with Hrit. However I could keep my word only to Naisha. We did some great fun stuff. When it was Hrit's turn either we ran out of time or I couldn't find a suitable recipe.. easy yet appealing. And so I fobbed off the poor guy with stuff like peeling boiled eggs and potatoes (basics are very important, I told him) ...

 ... or post cooking washing (A good chef must learn to clear up).

Yes mums can be pretty crafty.

Sweetheart that he is, he hung around helping me with my chores satisfied if I let him 'smell the atta' or gave the names of the spices in the spice box.

Finally this weekend things came together and we decided to try this recipe from Chef Hrit took centre stage assisted by Naisha.

First, the ingredients...
Marie biscuits -- 20-25
Cocoa powder -- 3 tbsp
Roasted nut of choice, we managed walnuts -- 1/4 cup
Sugar -- 2 tsp
Condensed milk (Milkmaid) -- 1/2 of a 400gm tin

Here's how it goes...
Crush the Marie biscuits.. don't worry if it isn't too fine a powder

Add the cocoa powder

Add the sugar and Milkmade and mix. This needs some strength and I had to lend a hand

At which point.. the mixture becomes too yummy to not be tasted..

Add the nuts

Butter a bowl/tray

Spread out the mixture on the tray

Pat it evenly and put it in the freezer.

Call in the assistant to clear up

We left it overnight and the result was great. The brownies in the original recipe
look yummier but ours weren't bad
For a more accurate account do hop over to the original recipe .

Hrit's parting line (accompanied with a huge sigh): I wish I were a mama then I could get to cook all kinds of things.

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