Monday, September 24, 2012

For a long life

Naisha wanted me to put up this picture.
She's wearing earrings she made herself...
While laying the table last night Naisha asked...
Mama four plates or three?
Three, I said.
Hmm you'll have soup, right?
That's a good idea mama. If you don't eat too much you'll become smaller (as a corollary to 'If you eat lots you'll grow bigger) and I'll grow bigger and one day we'll be the same age.
Pretty logical.
Then she added... If you don't grow bigger (which is the same as 'older' for her), you won't die soon because only old people die, so soup's good.

Which is true in a roundabout kind of way.. I will certainly live longer if I eat carefully.

Cheers to Naisha.

Here's another one from her.
She walked out with two erasers in her hands and says, "Mama see how well I can gargle" and then proceeded to throw them up in the air and catch them deftly.

... and Hrit's just being himself
Not to forget Hrit
The other day he was doing some vague form of push ups, apparently preparing for a race with his friends. Trying to add my two bits to his enthusiasm I said, "Very good. Keep exercising and you'll become strong and handsome."
He stopped, gave me an exasperated look and said, "I'm not doing this for 'handsoming' I'm doing it for racing". Ummm .... Right!

Then there was the time he was very keen on learning how to play 'Chest'.

And his Hindi-English translation:
"When you say "Mujhse bura koi naihin hoga" do you mean 'no one can be angrier than I am'?
Pretty close, I'd say.

Finally... the most inexplicable one.. the 'en' at the end of every word...
I have 'puten' my toys away.
I have teachen Naisha the car racing game.
And my personal favourite while watching a cookery show -- If you would have watchen it from the beginning you could have maken it for us.


  1. You can sure add these to "Kids say the funniest things" collection. It is funny how their kiddie talks start making perfect sense. Scary too. :)

  2. Awww to Naisha's comments... LOL on Hrit's not handsoming part :-D

  3. Atleast the kids are old enough to recognize what death is. Reminded me of one of your older posts with Hrit crying and all..

  4. Kids do come up with the most logical of all things in an endearing and the most innocent manner! This is such a cute post! And yes, those earrings are very pretty :)

  5. @Swapna: Surprising, isn't it at how logical they can be?


    Sugeeth: Yes they know about death but they don't understand the complete repurcussions of someone never coming back... not yet.

    Arti You pretty much made Naisha's day. I'll forward your compliment to her.


  6. did he win the race then :) he he he

    Kids know it all these dayssssssssssss


  7. actually quite endearing, don't u think :) And quite smart too.

  8. Those ear rings are cute!
    The post reminded me of similar conversations here.. they do think that we'll become small/new [opp of old] LOL
    .. and the 'en' thing used to happen here also :)


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