Sunday, September 30, 2012

The way I am

If you're a regular here you'll know my constant fight with the Voldemart in my life, the one I've battled for as long as I remember,  the one that has spawned many a post some funny, some sad, some jubilant and some motivational. It's all been about that three lettered word ..


I was a chubby baby and made for a pretty picture with my mum in her bouffant and a very dapper dad. However that cute little toddler turned into a fat preteen. And from then on life was just not the same.

When other kids counted dolls I counted my rope skips.
Each morning I'd pick up my skipping rope and a mat and go to the terrace for my exercise. I hated it. It was a chore, a chore I detested. I'd pick at my food and then binge.

When other girls counted boy-friends I counted calories.
I'd look in the mirror and see just a fat girl. I shied away from wearing certain clothes, sticking with the 'safe'. I stayed away from most sports for fear of losing and becoming a laughing stock. Racing, running, jumping.. all a no no. I never danced. I hated formal occasions that required me to dress up. I'd look in the mirror at a face that never looked pretty. How could it? I was perpetually scowling at myself.

I wish someone had told me.. to love myself the way I was.

And the funny part... when I look back at my pictures I find I wasn't fat. I really wasn't. Of course it might have been because I was trying so hard most of the time. However, I never stopped to take stock. I never saw that I wasn't fat fat. I never did enjoy the fruit of my effort.

What a colossal waste!

Later, much later, when I crossed 30 and really put on weight, I went to a gym. I loved it. I loved the exercise, the music, the instructor counting out relentlessly, the sweat trickling down my brow and finally, I loved how I MADE the weighing machine needle move the right way. Each kg that went brought on a delicious pleasure. A pleasure I learnt to savour.

When I had kids, Voldemort struck again. I let him be. I enjoyed my kids putting in the occasional exercise when I could. I loved being a mum, fat and all. Still do :-). Then it was back to the gym.

And the struggle continues. But I'm having fun. I run with the kids without worrying about who'd be laughing at me. I even dance sometimes. Oh I know I look ridiculous but now I know, it doesn't matter. I often like what I see in the mirror and when I don't I put on my smile and I look just fine.

Of course I still obsesses about my weight. I write about it constantly. I watch what I eat and of course I binge too. I still hope to become thin one day. But in the meanwhile my life's not on hold. I'm in no hurry.. I've got my whole life to do just that.

I wish someone had told me ... to love myself the way I am.

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  1. ..great thought nicely penned!

  2. A wonderful thought that we all need a reminder for often in our lives :)

  3. I loved the thought ....yes its very imp to love ourselves first !

  4. Hugs. This could so be my story :)

  5. Amit: Thanks

    My Era: Wish I could remember it always :-).

    TTT: Glad you agree.

    Shruti: Soul sister!

  6. A good thought decorated with a nice story

  7. Hi,

    I guess this is one line we all want to hear, all the best :D

  8. Really! I'd have approached weight loss in a whole new different way! I struggle with weight too and blog about it! Do drop by!

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  10. awww! hugs sista! I feel every word thats on this post! I dont know what else to say...the three letter word haunts me till date ;)


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