Has it ever happened to you..

.. that something you've read or studied gets clean wiped off your head when you try to recall it?

Yesterday we were watching the Delhi Marathon and Hrit asked me what a marathon was. All I could remember was that a Greek, with a name difficult to spell, with a P and D in it, ran somewhere and ran back and died. Good bless Google for coming to my rescue.

That's a story I liked. How could I forget it? If I forgot something obnoxious like calculus or chemistry I'd not complain. If those were wiped clean off from my mind I'd only be grateful for the extra space. I do have to cram a lot in that brain of mine. What's worrying me is not finding the other interesting stuff, things I read and enjoyed and had been really really good at during school.. tectonic theory, the Moghul Empire, the working of a pinhole camera.. I loved all that and remember knowing it so well. But now... nothing.

On the other hand there are things I remember so clearly.. speeches from The Merchant of Venice, poems by Wordsworth, Kabir and Rahim, pictures from my textbooks way back from when I was in Prep.

Weird it is.

It doesn't help that I had a grandma with Alzheimer's.

Today was the last straw -- I couldn't remember the name of Harry Potter's school -- Hogwarts.. for godsake! I need to install google in my head. Maybe they'll come up with something. I hope it's soon.

PS: He was Pheidippides. While on Marathons.. the gym is having a mini Marathon.. all of two kms, this Sunday. I'm still trying to decide whether I should go. What if I'm the last person walking at the finish line?

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