Some good, some bad!

This week's been nothing if not eventful. Pretty unbelievable things have happened -- at least one of them was super nice and the other super sad.

The nice one first (for no reason other than it happened first). The Husband took leave!!! Just like that!!! And if you knew him at all you'd find those exclamation marks justified. This my friends is as earth shattering as it can get. In the one and half decade of knowing him he's never done this... to take leave to be home... unbelievable.

The thing is he only recently found out that casual leaves lapse at the end of the year. Don't be surprised, that's symptom no 5 of a crazed workaholic. Anyway so he took leave and we went for a film, just the two of us... another not-done-in-over-7years-thing. The film, English Vinglish was wonderful, but of course you all know that by now. A must watch.

Just as I was gushing at how wonderful it was and how we should do this more often, The Husband promptly clarified that this new film-watching-him was not a permanent phenomenon, "Next film, next year," he pronounced. Talk about enthusiasm (or lack of it)!

Now for the bad - I missed the children's Sports Day! Just missed it. I'm still wondering how I could let that happen. There was no information, other than on the school website which I haven't been able to access since the start of the session despite repeated meeting with their IT department. I've been depending on a friend to forward all notices to me and .. well ... she didn't. By the time she found out and called me, feeling very very guilty, it was too late.

Hrit was down with an upset stomach so he'd have missed it anyway but Naisha was there and The Husband could have gone to cheer her. I did drag a recovering Hrit and reached the school but it was all over. :-(((( . I've been feeling bad bad bad.

What was worse, Naisha came back and said, "Many children who didn't win the race cried, mama, but I didn't yet teacher thought I was crying." Which, of course, means she did cry. I so wish I'd been there. Worse still, she uttered not a word of reproach. She makes it a point to look out for us at school events. However, when The Husband called to ask her how it went.. she said, "I didn't win the race and Hrit wasn't well so mama couldn't come." How sensible is that!

I'll wrap up with a word of apology for peppering the post with exclamation marks. Not that I have anything against them, it's just that they're misused and overused and misused some more so much that I've had more than enough of them. However, bear with me just this time.

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