Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Technology Troubles

What do you call a person who kills gadgets? You know how some people have a 'black-thumb' for plants? I wasn't sure that was a valid word either, but it is. I checked. If you haven't been to urbandictionary.com before, do check it out. It's a delightful site.

But I digress.. like I was saying, I am that person for gadgets. The Shiva of gadgets, as it were.

One laptop, three cameras, an MP3 player, a desktop and countless countless phones have met a silent end over the last few years. I'm not even counting things like headphones and remotes. Oh and some time back I blew up the microwave by trying to boil an egg in it.

I am ably assisted by my bachchas, of course. Anything that I miss, they demolish with elan. The latest victim of my anti-technology rampage was my phone, yet again. I was in despair thinking I'd be saddled with The Husband's age old stand by, which is a bit of a tragedy. Like my sister puts it... It's just a phone.. no mail, no music, no browser. What's more, every few hours it feels overworked hangs itself.

The Husband, as always, came to my rescue, turning generous when I least expect him to, and got me a new phone. A pink phone, to Naisha's complete delight. And just as I was gushing out my thank yous he said, "Now don't expect anything for your birthday." A Husband can't change his spots.

What was even better Naisha made me a phone holder..

It had to be pink to match my phone
and she demonstrates how it's to be carried.


  1. You sure have an impressive track record!! Lol!! Creative Naisha!

  2. Congrats on your new phone :)
    Naisha is very creative...love that phone bag :)

  3. You got a phone yayyyy which one and hey that bag is cute one .. :)

    that is very creative of the little one and she shows you how to carry it tooo ..


  4. Sad for your old phone but yay for the new one!! How lovely is that phone bag!!

  5. @magiceye: :-)
    My Era: Thanks.
    @Bikram: I'm not sure I can do it with as much style.
    @Swapna: :-)

  6. Blowing up a microwave!! OMG and the eggs must have exploded too, right?!
    Congrats for the new phone and the phone holder is cute! :)

  7. Oops... exploding eggs is a silly question... I know they would have exploded!! :P

  8. Pink phone eh :)
    Love that phone bag and Naisha's style is super!!

  9. @Priya: Well yes.. a pink one :-D.


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