Saturday, October 06, 2012

Ten things you must do ...

... on a rainy drive through the Pune-Bombay Highway

1. Look and be awed.. the scenery's absolutely breathtaking.

2. Watch as the clouds come down right on to the road... and this isn't even Nainital.

3. Look out for the transient waterfalls rushing down the hills.

4. Count all the different kinds of clouds in the evening sky... (remembered only cirrus and cumulus.. you can try more), then count off the colours.. scarlet, salmon, orange, amber, amethyst, black, silver.

5. Fight about who has the window with the better display. Then fight to sit at the others' window. Finally try to unseat the poor mother sitting in the middle because "you always get to see the best through the dashboard".

6. While at the window.. race the raindrops with your fingertips as they trickle down the panes on other side.

7. Argue noisily about whether we'll crash into or safely cross the car in the front till the rattled driver shushes you as he tries to drive through the pouring rain.

8. Go wheeee......... as the car does those turns on the ghats.

9. Watch out for that single patch of sunshine on the hills, like a spotlight, as the sun struggles to show up from between the clouds (seriously amazing!).

10. Count how many times you drive in and out of rainy patches... here it's raining, here it's not.

Can't end without this one even though it upsets my predilection for round numbers..

Stop for a hot 'cutting' chai and a fiery vada pao.


  1. Wow! sounds like super fun :)
    The cutting chai and vada pao in the rains took the cake though :)

  2. For me too, rains and hot tea with vada pao does it :)

  3. I would do all that if you promise to take me on that drive he he he he :)


  4. And some hot kanda bhajjis!!
    That was delectable!

  5. MY Era: For us too.

    @Meoww.. there's something in the chai that makes it special when it rains.

    Bikram: Come along anytime :-).

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  7. Absolute must-dos! And wow, they'll give so many fun moments and priceless memories!! :)

  8. you’re a great professional for writing it, congrats.

  9. Oh ya!!! This is one of the most scenic routes.....I remember going to Lonavala in rainy season...what fun it was...

  10. Wonderful! nostalgic! I used to shuttle between Bombay and Pune frequently many years back. Am scheduled to visit Pune in December..there won't be any rains though!!

  11. @Shilpa: There really never was a dull moment in that 4 hour drive.

    @Smita: Yes, it's beautiful.

    @Amit:You never know.. you can always hope :-).

  12. Sounds beautiful Tulika. I have missed so many chances of visiting pune. By the way I featured one of your crafts in a Halloween post. Did you see?

  13. Do do come Swapna.. you'll like Pune. I saw the craft.. thanks.. now I'm famous ;-).

  14. I sure hope so! I have been getting crazy hits on that post. Might turn out to be the most read post. :)


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