A Happy Day

The kids and I spent a happy-in-a-daze kind of day for reasons nothing if not simplistic.

For the kids it was their cycles. Their bicycles, that had been languishing for some two years, suddenly became their most prized possessions which they hadn't been 'able to ride' only because we (The Husband and I) hadn't got air filled in the tyres. The shop is a fair distance away, a tad too far for me to wheel the cycles over. All of last week the kids whined and whined and whined, what with them being home 24X7 (we're still in the Diwali vacations.. sigh!). They drove me up the wall till I dreamt of carrying two cycles on my shoulders and flying like Hanuman to the repair shop.

Meanwhile The Husband was blissfully at work, coming home with barely any time to bear the brunt of the complaining. Then came the weekend and Hah he was so caught. The cycles were loaded in his car and dropped off. We decided to get tubeless tyres so no more filling air in the tyres. Monday went by in a fresh haze of whines. Yesterday, while the kids were at a birthday party The Husband came home gulped down his tea and rushed out to the cycle shop. This was unusual to say the least. tearing him away from the tele after work is ... well it just doesn't happen, ever.

Are you thinking he did it to put a smile on the kids' faces? Wrong. It was pure, unadulterated fear. The fear of putting up with two whiny voices with the unlimited capacity to go on. "What if the shop shuts," he said with a shudder before dashing out. By evening the cycles were home to the absolute thrill of the kids. They've been on them ever since.

Now for my story. Before I begin if you're even mildly the tech savvy types look for the cross in the red box at the top right hand corner of the page, click it and begone. If you're still here read on...

A man called Santosh called from airtel yesterday morning offering some kind of a plan. Normally I disconnect with a polite 'thank you' but yesterday he caught my attention. I then agreed to try the package. As a result I got the browser activated on my BB. Now I know that's no big deal for most people. However, for me, each small step in the techworld is the biggest of achievements. I spent the day happily downloading/installing stuff.. all kinds of themes, ringtones,wallpapers, messengers.. the works. I found loads of freinds on whatsapp. Oh it's so much fun.
I just hope I don't run up a huge bill at the month end. In any case I've alerted The Husband to the possibility. What with his parents being here he's sure to be in a frame of mind to overlook much of what I do. Yay!

That's how two cycles and a browser-on-the-phone made for a very happy household. (If you think I left out The Husband.. wrong -- when the kids and I are at peace -- he's a happy man.. so there)

Something totally unrelated to the above post... firstcry.com is stalking me. I swear they are. I ordered some stuff from them and they were good. Delivered the very next day and I put them high up on that pedestal which until now had just flipkart. Just as I was beginning to sing their praises to all and sundry I realised they were stalking me. Each time I log on there they are flashing all the products I looked at. I open blogger, they're there. I comment on ANY blogpost there's the ad at the bottom of the page. I go to facebook, they're there. I open mail and there they are. They're everywhere. If anyone knows how to stop this, help me please.

Leave me alone firstcry. I know where to find you. I'll get there when I need you.

Other than that I've been pretty much enjoying netshopping. I'll put up pictures of some of the stuff as it gets in.

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