Thursday, November 01, 2012

Nine nights of celebration

Thursday Challenge : "DRESS UP" (Costumes, Uniforms, Rain or Snow Clothing, Ceremonial clothing, Wedding Dress, Formal Clothing,...)
The kids dressed up for dandiya.
Naisha revels in the dressing up and dancing.

The reluctant one: Hrit's not so much for dressing up but he obliges.
However, he draws the line at dancing, preferring to focus on the food.
Navaratri has something for everyone.


  1. So cute.......

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    Thanks & Regards

  2. Both look so gorgeous....ahh i cant wait for my daughter to grow up so that i can also dress her like Naisha :-)
    Hrit seems clear about his preferences...festival=food=fun :-D

  3. ah ha .. ooh i would love to play with the two of them :) they look beautiful .. touchwood and God bless them both ..


  4. Naisha is posing like a model!! Super cool. And Hrit as you mentioned is simply obliging! Both their dresses are awesome! :)

  5. They look so cool!!!

    And I always say u shud be in Gujarat for Navratri!!!

  6. Thanks Indrani, Magiceye.

    Amit: Thanks.

    NBose: it's super fun.

    Bikram: Thanks.

    Shilpa: We've to keep telling Naisha to stop posing and hrit to try to pose :-)

    Smita: I'm sure it's unbelievable in Gujarat. I've heard lots about it.


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