Of scavengers and hoarders

While most people are cleaning their homes during Diwali Hrit and Naisha turn into merry scavengers. They lie in wait for people putting out 'interesting' stuff. They then try to beat the cleaning lady in carrying it all home before she can carry it away with the garbage.

Here's what they brought over..
1. Empty shoe boxes, really smelly ones .. ugh!
2. An old bamboo basket.
3. Countless empty mithai boxes - some were really prettily decorated, I have to admit.
4. An empty PSP carton with a huge picture of G-One.
5. Sheets and sheets of thermacol.

Okay I have a confession - some of their finds do get me excited. Ya well genes and all.

Getting to the point, their last find - thermacol, is one of my favourite craft supplies. What with the maids playing hooky and tons of Diwali cleaning to be done I'd barely spent time with the kids over the last few weeks. So this Sunday we decided to have some fun.

I cut out some shapes from those thermacol sheets. I used a hot knife to cut through and it was really easy (That tip shared by my sister). The kids along with some friends spent a happy time painting them. Check out their creations.

I let them choose their own colours and designs, not that they would have listened to me anyway. Check out Hrit's Tigerfish. Craft is not really his forte :-).

The phones were an old idea and they got bored of them even before
they painted them. The fish and flowers.. they loved.
I have to admit it was Hrit Naisha who gave me the idea. Over the summers in Lucknow they had super fun with thermacol. They made some interesting things.

The phones were a superhit then, made with masi's help.

This was a project that took a long long afternoon.
Dreaming of rain during the summers.

..almost done.

And finally.. pride of place on nanima's wall.
For now I'm wondering how to smuggle out and throw away lights that don't work, bits of candle wax, blackened diyas and many many mithai and chocolate boxes that they are hoarding in their room.

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