Friday, November 30, 2012

The tooth fairy comes calling

Finally, after much waiting, it fell off.. the very first one.. Hrit's tooth. For some reason he felt it was a major achievement and insisted I call and tell everyone. He followed me around asking, "Are you H A P P Y?" These days he's spelling out half his sentences. If you're wondering why, well so am I.

He showed off his gaping dentures to all his friends and all the aunties he could find reminding me of the hilariously gross character Lugaretzia from Gerald Durrel's 'My Family and Other Animals'. Great book, by the way.

Getting back to Hrit.. he was just too thrilled.

Then he got worried if the tooth fairy would consider his tooth worthy of being taken away. He wanted to know if it would help if he would brush it now that he could hold it in his hand and see it 'properly'. Finally, the tooth, all brushed, bathed and cleaned was laid down reverentially under the pillow.

Had there been a real tooth fairy she would have been thoroughly confused wondering where to check for the tooth considering Hrit changes rooms more than once during the night. Oh we have enough activity between 11pm and 6am to confuse the sanest of minds.. but then that's another post.

Anyway the 'tooth fairy' decided to leave the task to morning and just before she woke the kids up for school, the tooth was smuggled away and some money found its way under the pillow to their immense excitement. Hrit looked like he couldn't believe his eyes and is planning a major 'eclair' treat for his friends with the princely sum of 10 bucks.

I so so love this age. I'll miss them when they grow up.


  1. Ah!! Joys of childhood!!!

    Like my Son, these days he is majorly into "what is this!!" currently and though sometimes answering his questions is a pain but we pateintly go thru it because this phase will never come again!

    1. Oh I know the 'what is this' phase. The things they can point to and ask about. Drives you crazy besides embarrassing you to death sometimes. Best of luck with your little one.

  2. awwwwwwwwwwwww... he is looking cute with that gap :)

    I need to ask my mom, if the tooth fairies existed when i was that little , I doubt it though he he he


  3. lol!! So much fun! Loved the part where he brushed the tooth!! aah innoncence!

  4. Wow! so smart of Hrit to brush and shine the tooth thoroughly before the tooth fairy arrived ;)
    Little moments of joy always make big memories :)

  5. 10 Rupees.. laghta hein ki tooth fairy bahut kanjoos hein ;)

  6. Bikram: I'm sure she did... we just didn't know about her.

    Magiceye: Another few years and then it'll be bye bye to the toothfairy.. Sigh!

    My Era: Lolz.. that's so true.

    Sugeeth: Not kanjoos..cautious. Did you know he bought ten eclairs and could treat all his friends? What more can you ask from life?

  7. so adorable! precious memories these are!


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