A nag? Who? Me?

I hate nags. I hate ads that promote women as nags. I was never a nag. I certainly wasn't born one. However of late I've been accused of being one, repeatedly. Some soul-searching is certainly in order.

First the definition
Nag: To annoy by constant scolding, complaining or urging...

Yes well some of my interractions would fall in that category but so would many others.

Take a look

Annoy by scolding
- Finish your food; I want a clean plate; No you CANNOT get up will you finish; Leave the salt shaker alone and FINISH.
- No maggi, no chips, no maggi no chips, no maggi no chips.
- Wash your hand before you pick that apple; Leave it.. leave it NOW.. Wash your hands.
- Go for your walk; You missed it again today; Why didn't you go for your walk today?
- Butter? You're eating bread and butter at 10 in the night? AND a laddoo?
- You're diabetic; remember you're a diabetic; have you forgotten you're a diabetic?

Annoy by constant complaining
- I want a toy; a small toy; just a small toy; please, pretty please?
- get my cycle repaired; when can I ride my cycle; everyone has a cycle; have you got my cycle?
- can you feed me; I can't make bites of the roti; only for today; I'm too tired; feed me please.
- may we watch TV? You never let us watch; Just ten minutes? Five minutes?
- may we play for five more minutes, five more, just five more, okay last five.

Annoy by constant urging
- withdraw your PF, when will you withdraw your PF, you still haven't withdrawn your PF.
- Keep your cheque book properly; keep it somewhere safe; why's your cheque book lying on the centre table?

Consider at the things I (read women) nag about most often..
- food and eating
- hygiene
- health

Mostly life threatening stuff.. right? While I get nagged about money matters (which are important but still - just money). And as for the kids.. I won't even go there.

The point I'm trying to make is that women aren't the only nags. Kids, husbands, parents, neighbours, ... they're all nags. Why label just women? Yes.. so I might be a nag.. sometimes... but so is everyone else. A nag has no sex.. if it does, it's definitely not only female.

Finally aword in defence of nagging.. it does get stuff done.. causes some bad blood, but it gets stuff done.

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