Merry Christmas!

People around here are on a shopping spree. No I'm not the kind to keep tabs on my neighbours' spendings. Just look at what my two little scavengers brought home.

I hadn't been able to spend much time with the kids and we were lagging in our Christmas preparations too. So we decided to put all of those 'goodies' to good use and came up with some very quick decorations.
We began with drawing some stockings on the sheets..
Cut them out with a hot knife and painted them green and pink..

..and silver and strung them out on a ribbon.

Then we did some  bells... which have still to be painted
and some stars and circles too.
.. and then it was time to do up the 'tree'.
 And now if you'll excuse me I'll be off.
We have to hurry up and clear the way for shy Santa.
Tonight's Santa's busy busy night. Besides clearing the kitchen and
dinner table he has still lots of gift-wrapping to do.
Merry Christmas folks.

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