Santa still exists

Another Christmas went by with the kids' belief in Santa intact. I have a feeling, however, this ones going to be the last. Of late Hrit is playing a lot with older boys and a few days before Christmas he came home saying someone told him there's no Santa. "My friend said mamas and papas buy the gifts and tell us they're from Santa," said he.

"Well your friend must've been naughty and Santa wouldn't have got him a gift so his papa and mama would have had to get him one. But if you're really good Santa will come," said I. Creative, aren't I?
Surprise surprise Hrit bought the argument. Hah!

He made a card for Santa and placed it under the tree. Then he got a brand new pack of his favourite biscuits and put them with the card.

So it was that after the kids were asleep, 'Santa' had to not only wrap their gifts and put them under three but also squirrel away the card, eat a biscuit oozing chocolate and leave a thank you note for Hrit in the middle of the night. Yes well this Santa has her manners in place.
The things one has to do for one's kids!
The spellings are all his and those hearts are Naisha's idea

That's the inside of the card. I'm glad Jesus Christ gets a mention here.
Regrettably, he's overshadowed by Santa
And next morning their faces were my reward, if I wanted one. Naisha was a tad regretful. "I'll also keep biscuits next year", said she. Hrit, needless to say was thrilled to bits. He called up the entire family to tell the tale of how Santa ate his biscuit and wrote 'Thank You, Hrit' on a tissue paper. "You see he was in a hurry", he explained. Oh it was so much fun.

And there's more. During the day the sis-in-law came by and snuck in some more gifts under the tree. She then asked with a straight face, "What's that shiny stuff under your tree Naisha?" At which the kids raced there yelling, "Santa came home twice". "But when did he come we were here all the time", marvelled an incredulous Naisha. "I can't believe he came in the day", added Hrit.

"This is the happiest day of my life", he declared.

Heh heh heh. Total fun.

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