Thursday, January 24, 2013

Finding Me Time

My throat's dry from reading out for hours on end -- not the short two page stories but ones that stretch over 200 pages, my eyes are drooping from lack of sleep, my ears are ringing with the sound of the nebulizer switched on every few hours while my mind buzzes with the list of medicines.. this for him, this for her.

The kids have been unwell :-(. Hrit with his wheeze, Naisha with an stomach upset... one reason why I haven't been blogging as fequently as I like to.

They are much better now. With Naisha at school, Hrit settled down for some TV and I scooted off to the computer for a post on 'Me time'.. how appropriate.

There was a time when "me time" meant simply curling up and going off to sleep. A nuclear family and The Husband busy warding off a bunch of workaholic Koreans at his new job, meant the kids' responsibility was all mine, despite a battery of maids.

As they started sleeping through the night, sanity returned. However, they remained a handful (still are!). But I managed to squeeze in some time for my favourite activities. It wasn't easy always... but I did. Look how determined I am ...

That's me in the green T reading my book while the kids keep
themselves busy.

Naisha's decided to sit on me while Hrit piles up all the sheets
and pillows he can find. I persevere with my book :-)

A bit dark in there, but I can still read.
The wierd part is, for the life of me, I can't remember what I was reading.

Anyway, by the time they turned two, things were looking up even more. Their post bath nap time became 'me time' spent at the gym. The mid-morning slot is still my gym time. I fought hard to get them to bed early.. first 9.30 and then when they gave up their siesta, 9 pm. 9-11 continue to be my happy hours for blogging or, guiltily enough, watching mindless television.

I try to squeeze in at least one of my favourite activities every day -- reading, writing or gymming - and my day is complete. It also saves me from drowning in self pity and getting cranky.

Now that the kids have started full day school it's becoming easier to find time for myself. The trouble is there are just too many things I like to do. Other than the three favourites, I enjoy crafting with the kids or pottering about in the kitchen, rearranging the house, meeting friends, long walks, carrom with the kids...

Too much to do, too little time!


  1. That's a brilliant set of snaps, and absolutely evocative of what ME time can be all about, perseverance ;) ! Great that you're keeping up the gym routine, I am still flailing on that end, though I find other stuff to qualify as me time ;).

  2. I am glad to know I am not the only one. But more glad that I dont have to bear a double doze LOLLLLLL. Your kids are adorable!!!!!

  3. Mommy minds are a busy lot! Love the pictures,,

  4. LOVE LOVE LOVE the snaps!! They SO mirror my life :)
    Alas,no one clicked me while I was busy reading and the kids clambered all over me :)
    Seriously OM, I LOVE your blog, because you've been there, done that :)

    About he "Me" time, what can I say, I'm hunting for it too :)

  5. Wow you ARE determined :) Finding me time is much easier when the kids are away right? I also resort to mindless TV when I am absolutely jaded and need some ME time.

  6. I am still there :) But LOVED the snaps. They are so true of mommyhood, eh? Hoping my walk/gym routine sticks on.

  7. Lovely snaps!! What a story they tell!!
    Some form of ME time became possible only after Ammu turned 5. Or I guess, I gave myself the permission after she turned 5. Have been tying to do things that have forever been lurking in some corners of the mind :)

    And yes.. absolutely with you on that last line :)

  8. @Aparna: Since you mention it I have to admit.. haven't been to the gym for the past week!

    @Poonam: Thanks.. Most of the time I like them too :-)

    @Sirisha: Absolutely.

    @momofrs: That's my sister.. the only snaps I have are clicked by her.. otherwise I'm ALWAYS behind the camera.

    @Aparna: Yup much easier when they're away.

    @Cuckoo: Best of luck for your exercise routine. It's sooo tough to keep it going.

    @Priya: Oh yes.. when the kids were small I had no mind-space for me time at all.

  9. Awesome pics! And loved your love for reading despite the 'chaos' around! :D
    ME time is so important and I love my ME time so dearly too!

  10. u find me-time with kids around?, its gr8, I would be catching up my sleep..cute kids..lovely pics...

  11. Think it was 'Palace of Illusions' that got you so engrossed.

  12. @Pushpa: Oh I too love my sleep. It's only now that things are better.

    @Shilpa: Ha has to make the most of what one has.

    @Snigs: THANK YOU.. I was going crazy trying to remember which book it was. Now that you tell me -- it was worth every bit of the chaos.


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