The Makers of a Republic

Those of you who've been here before will know how often I've cribbed about the fuddy-duddy managing committee of our society that creates roadblocks for all kid-friendly events. Despite them, this last year we managed to have some fun on Independence Day  and then again on Children's Day . However, the two events took the wind out of our sails. When Republic Day came around all the mums were reluctant to take up the responsibility of yet another celebration, what with the kids falling ill, hectic work pressures and absconding maids.

And so the children decided to take things in their own hands. A bunch of them (all below 10 years) got together, decided on the events, made out notices then went to the Cultural Committee Head for permissions. Not satisfied, they went around to all the senior society members' homes, waking them up from their siesta's, disturbing their peaceful tea-times and shaking them literally and figuratively out of their insouciance.

Soon enough a member came to me with the complaint. Why me? Well because when asked which adults were organising the event they came up with mine and a fellow mum's name. We got quite an earful about how we were making the kids run around instead of following the 'protocol'.. yeah protocol is everything here. A completely clueless me heard her out, tried to convince her of my innocence and wriggle out of the situation with absolutely no luck. "Since the kids' have said it, both of you might as well handle it," we were told.

Apparently the equally clueless fellow mum had been nominated MC by her daughter while Hrit Naisha had volunteered to get the medals on my behalf.

Come Saturday morning we were scrambling around getting the tables and chairs laid out, organising juice and sweets and herding a bunch of super jubilant kids to the ground for the Sports Day. We had no clue about the number of participants, the sequence of events or even what the events were!

Two dads were called upon to police the finish line till we found out we HAD no finish line. One of them was dispatched to get the finish-line ribbon while the other busied himself fiddling with the camera.

As it turned out we had the most chaotic, most crazy, most happy Republic Day. Oh there were the tears and the fights (I didn't get a medal, I didn't here the get-set-go, I WANT a gold) but as mums and dads that's part of our lives.

Is it the first time I've said the happiest events are often the most spontaneous one?
Check out the happy faces here...

The winners
This is how Wikipedia defines a Republic..
A republic is a form of government in which the country is considered a "public matter" (Latin: res publica), not the private concern or property of the rulers...

That's what we have here - a mini-republic, made possible by the young ones of our society. Three cheers to the new generation.


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