Who's the crafty one?

Hrit and Naisha had a collage making competition at school. The topic was 'My Family'. It seemed pretty easy since they had to simply assemble it in school.

Naisha being the artistic one, had a hundred ideas and finally settled on a heart shaped collage... how predictable is that! Hrit, meanwhile, doesn't have a single crafty bone in his body. He didn't want to make it at all. After much cajoling he agreed.

And he won! The first prize.

This is what he did
Naisha, changed her mind on the final day and decided the heart shape was too much trouble, didn't put the tags either which we'd brainstormed and written out so diligently. She also 'saved' the heart and smiley stickers 'to play at home'. She's incorrigible, this daughter of mine.

When oh when will the kids stop surprising me?

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