A revival

Her hands full of soap suds she worked her way through the pile of vessels in the sink. Her mind wandered off to other piles that need attention. The pile of clothes to go in the machine, the pile of ironing to be put away, another pile yet to be ironed, the pile of books that needed sorting, the pile of toys to be cleared up, ...  Then there were her 'happy' piles - the piles of books to be read, the piles of half finished crafts to be completed, the piles of cookery books needing to be explored.

NO, don't even go there, she told herself, sternly. Don't think any of it . Not now, Not just yet. It could all wait. It had to.

There was something else, something far more important, that needed attention. Someone was dying and she had to do something, fast. After all it was she who had brought her into this world. Now, it was only she who could save her. She was special. Boy! was she special... a friend.. nope.. not just a friend.. best friend, confidante, counsellor. Just thinking of her made her smile. She hadn't seen her friend in weeks... it seemed like ages. And now she was dying. She had to rush to her friend. Everything else could wait.. work, kids, Husband.

She put away the last plate, rinsed and dried her hands. Then she walked off to her study, switched on the computer and started typing. She had to save her blog from dying.

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