Red .. the colour of nostalgia

Thursday Challenge : "RED" (Things that are red/pink,...)


That's a Malati tree in full bloom at our cousin's Dehradun house/resort. The flowers come in
shades of red and pink and even white.
Wikipedia tells me it's also known as Chinese honeysuckle, Rangoon Creeper, and Combretum indicum.
And there's more
It's called Quiscual in Spanish,
Niyog-niyogan in Filipino
Akar Dani in Malay and
Radha Manoharam in Telugu.
And the funny one...
The genus translates into Latin for What is that?
Never had I imagined this humble friend of my childhood had been to so many places. We used to have it in our angan when we were little. The creeper grew right up to the terrace. Some of my fondest memories include making flower chains that we'd wear as garlands and bangles :-) and watching the hordes of sparrows it sheltered.
So that is my 'RED' for the week.

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