Sunday, March 03, 2013

A 'scarepigeon'

Some time back I was reading this post at momofrs' and it so resonated with me I thought I must do one of my own on pigeons. Actually I too have nothing against these bird brained birds. I totally respect their freedom to fly where they want, sit where they want and poop where they want. What I do mind is that they do not respect the 'Your freedom ends when my nose begins' thing. An open window is enough invitation. Try to shoo them out and they panic crazily enough to make you panic too. They then lose all sense of direction, get totally lost and proceed to mess up your entire room.

What's more they walk all over the balcony, hop into freshly watered pots, then leave messy footprints everywhere. They feed on your fast depleting Tulsi plant and denude it by carrying away twigs leaving one to stare at empty planters. A sad task for someone already cursed with a black thumb.

Then they go and lay eggs with abandon and if you as much as go near them while clearing up the balcony they never come back. Then you have to deal with the maid's accusing glances for ages for having murdered those baby pigeons, which BTW are called 'squabs'. Plus you have to deal with the 'paap' of having a wrecked a family and NO you do not get to share the blame with the squabs' parents who are brave enough to come mess your balcony the very same day yet don't spare a thought for their abandoned progeny. Nope they're not responsible.. you are. Oh the unfairness of it all!!

Anyway, the other day I was complaining yet again and the kids decided to make a 'scarepigeon'.

Two sticks were sourced from the garden, tied
together and a paper face cut out

Hrit spared an old shirt and the man's ready to
guard my Tulsi plant. BTW he's holding a sword.
Dare you come now pigeons!!
 Wierd as it looks it served it's purpose... the pigeons are keeping their distance.


  1. You stole words from my mouth, OM. I havent used my balcony for more than a year only because of this piegon mess. :(

    I think, i may need to come over and ask Hrit to make me a scarepigeon too. :)

  2. @magiceye: Thanks

    @Sugeeth: Lolz.. he'd be glad to oblige, I'm sure.

  3. Oh! Dont ask me about these pigeons! Am fed up of them! What you have mentioned is exactly our story too. So, we installed a net in one balcony! We were free from their menace for a few days till they started getting entangled in it! And one even died while we were out of home for 3-4 days! :|
    That's a creative scarepigeon... seeing for the first time for a Tulsi!! :)

  4. A sword in hand eh! drastic measures indeed!

  5. A sword in hand eh! drastic measures indeed!

  6. @Shilpa: Aww that's sad. But they really are suicidal.

    @Snigs: Ha ha.. and it worked .

  7. I have this similar problem. Great idea!


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