Crafty Sunday - Walnut shell tortoise

Of late the amount of weekend homework that the kids get home has increased so much that it's been spilling over to our Sundays. That along with Hrit's skating classes has left us with no time for crafting or cooking.. my two weekend resolves

However this Sunday after a long time we managed to make time to get crafty. Naisha called over her friends who were only too eager to drop by. Just as we were settling down in streamed Hrit's gang on their way to collecting rackets and shuttlecocks.. badminton is the flavour of the month for them. The eldest one spared a cursory glance at the girls then pronounced rather dismissively, "I rock at art but suck at craft." Nothing wrong with the statement except it sounded like I was watching an American sitcom. My sister tells me it's normal. As if the awesomes and the dudes were not enough to bug me! I seriously need to get used to this new gen vocabulary.

Anyway.. onto our craft. We did some very very simple walnut shell tortoises. The original link is here
Check out ours..

We traced out the walnut shells
Made a head and two pairs of legs, coloured them and cut them out. They
all went for green ones because "only green tortoises look natural".

We stuck on the shell and the googly eyes and it was done

Then the girls wanted to make fridge magnets like ones I'd made for
Hrit Naisha for Valentine's Day. I got their pictures from their mum's FB pages
and loved their mystified faces.. "How did you get our pictures, aunty?'
Heh heh!
So that was how our Sunday went. What were you all upto over the weekend?
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