Saturday, March 02, 2013

DIY castle

It was my niece's birthday sometime back and Naisha wanted to 'make' a gift. After much thought we decided on a thermacol castle since the theme of the party was 'Princess'. This is what it turned out as...

Here's what we did...

I cut out a basic castle shape using a hot old trick. I nicked a shoulder of the castle but..
Naisha rationalised very pragmatically.. 'It's an old castle mama ..some of it has to be broken.'
And we were sorted :-)

Naisha helped paint it pink. I tried to stick on the shoulder with no luck at all.

A little bit of detailing. The red 'brickwork' and the silver dabs.

Then we rolled some matching pink handmade paper to make towers

..this is what it looked like.

I wanted to add a princess somewhere but couldn't quite figure out where. Rapunzel was ruled out.. we wanted no sad princess around on the happy day. Yes we are a little superstitious. With the birthday fast approaching we had to be satisfied with just this. What do you say?

Then we stuck/tied the bits together and we were done.


  1. That's a nice pinky pink castle!
    Liked the mature and rational thought of the lil one!

  2. Yes Shilpa sometimes they surprise us.

  3. That's a very pretty castle. I am sure the little princess for whom it is made will be delighted :)

  4. I say, that is an awesome job by the mother-daughter duo! The detailing works and Naisha's wit, it's USP :))

  5. Goodness T...i LOVE your blog for the rich DIY ideas you put up here :)
    I'm hoarding all these for the days when i'll be needing them :D

    BTW, i think Naish is a VERY witty girl :) ...great going for her :)

  6. Why princess when Rani Naisha is around? ;)

  7. @Uma: Thank you.

    @Lifeissongoflove: Oh yes she was.. showed it off to all her friends!

    Smita: Thanks.

    Arti: Haha.. I can depend on Naisha to make things right.

    @momofrs: :-D

    @Sugeeth: All moms have a princess.. Naisha's just mine.

  8. Brilliant! Loved it.I am all for thoughtful gifts. I am going to encourage that when my son grows up.

  9. Right Reema I think handmade gifts mean a lot.


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