Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Krishna.. the best friend

I've often mentioned how Naisha loves Krishna.. Lord Krishna. She's been enamoured of him for ages now. She loves all things 'Krishna'. She draws Him all the time. She loves butter 'just like Him'. She loves peacock feathers. He topped her list of five favourite things at school. Thanks to her we celebrate Janamashtami with great fervour.

Her favourite game involves hanging up dupattas to make a 'temple' and then lining up her barbies like devotees. I wonder whether Krishna would like his modern-day gopis.

That's under our clothes' stand

She shares her glares with Him.

He reciprocates by holding her bag when she needs Him to.

It's quite a bond they have.

I'm not complaining. I'd much rather she be God-loving than God-fearing. Besides, her Krishna love's stood her in good stead. He's the one I remind her to call on to fight the imaginary demons under her bed at night or to ease her stage fright or when she's unwell and hurting. He helps.

The other day she heard about Mira and wanted me to tell her the story. As I ended she asked, "Did Mira get to see Him.. really see him?" "Yes," said an unsuspecting me and she burst into tears. Says she, "I also love him but I never get to see Him and Mira could. That's not fair." That was a tough one to handle.

The other day I found an old T shirt of hers ....

.... and gave it a face lift with her favourite motif.

Was she thrilled!


  1. A modern day Meera!!!

    What a makeover to that T-Shirt!!!!

  2. Awww.. adorable Meera! But unfair of Him not to have given her a darshan :)
    Loved the pics and the tee shirt- awesome!

  3. This is a wonderful post OM.....its beautiful to see Naisha's love for Krishna. How utterly adorable :)
    And her smile says it all :)

    btw, thats some wonderful art on the T-shirt...I've been meaning to start doing some painting for the kid's clothes...haven't found the guts to start yet :(

  4. @Smita, Priya: Thanks.

    @Magiceye: Right.. it always helps to have God on your side.

    @momofrs: I know it takes courage to start off.. try an old T-shirt first. There are so many simple motifs that kids love. An angry bird coming up for hrit next.


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