Friday, March 15, 2013

Moving On - 2

"Hrit switch off the gas stove," "Answer the doorbell Naisha, if it's the dhobi give him the clothes from the cupboard," "Naisha, did you check the mailbox?" "Lay the table, Hrit, will you?" "Naisha hand me the towel," "Make the bed, please"

From tiny helpless beings to contributing family members.. when did they grow up?


  1. Wow! This is one story where the disclaimer would read... All characters appearing in this work are Real!! Any resemblance to real persons is intentional!!
    You dreamt about this story line??

  2. Agree with the above. It's the story of ur daily life.

  3. I see the satisfaction that you are through to see your kids are also active part of family through their own little contributions. God bless the family.

  4. Aah!!! I know wt u r saying!! These days I ask Arnav to carry Roti's/ Papads etc to help me. He repeats "Main aapki help kar raha hoon?" and my Heart goes awww! on that :D

  5. Lolz Shilpa.. you're so right. This is one dream that seems like it's coming true.

    Ranveer thanks.

    Neoimaginations: It's a wonder to watch them growing.

    Smita: Awww.. Arnav's a dear.

    @magiceye: Absolutely amazing.

  6. That is simply... so adorable! :-)

  7. The transition is so subtle and leaves us wonder stuck.. always!!
    Love this :)

  8. Time flies!
    I too have wondered several times.


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