And so the vacations begin

It was the last day of school today for the kids and I have been scrambling around getting things done, things I'll never get around to doing with the kids at home. The most important one.. cleaning their room. When they're home they don't let me discard anything, anything at all.

Here's what I found..

Pop-up ABCD books
Mutilated barbies
Holey footballs
Bits of thermacol
Cardboard boxes
Broken tiles
Bottles filled with powdered chalk
A stash of empty homeopathic medicine bottles
Pages and pages and pages of drawings

Whew.. there's something so satisfying about decluttering. Yet I'm left with the feeling that I could have discarded at least twice as much.

Then there was the long postponed visit to the parlour where I got a hair cut so short (despite the kind lady's warning) that I'm feeling like a shorn sheep and looking like one too. Thank God for kind friends and relatives who've been sending reassuring messages on WhatsApp and BBM.
Comments have ranged from ..

You look pretty : Naisha and Hrit (Awww.. )
You look younger: A dear friend
It'll grow back: An honest friend
'Different' but nice: The sister
Don't worry, it'll be okay once you wash off the blowdry: The SIL
Hmmm.. you had a hair cut. : That cryptic one came from The Husband

Tomorrow I go for a long overdue health checkup, my first ever, where I'm sure the doc's going to tell me to lose weight... as if I need telling.

What have you lined up for the weekend?