Cooking isn't math

Hrit learnt an important gourmet lesson today: Cooking is not math. Simply put.. If you mix together 5 yummy ingredients you might not get something five times as yummy as the individuals.

Now I love the fact that he likes to 'make things in the kitchen'. I've scoured the Net hunting recipes for him. I've not minded clearing up kitchen and I've struggled to help him set right his disasters so he doesn't get disheartened. I've even been fine with him turning experimental and creating recipes. The problem arises when he wants me to sample his creations.

This is what he put together today...
A glass of water
One tspn of Glucon D nimbu pani
One tspn nutellaA pinch of baking soda (he thought it was black salt because I changed the container)
One tspn honey

"I made it for you," said he as he held out a glass for me with that shy smile he brings out when he knows he's done something that'll make me happy.
How could I say no?
And so I took a sip.
"How is it?" he asked eagerly. "You know, I added Nutella so it's all chocolatey," said he, eyes shining.
"Hmmmm... it's nice," said I. "It would be yummier if you put in some more nimbu pani powder," I told him, hoping it would mask the nutella completely.
He took a sip, then asked, "Should I add some Horlicks, instead?"
He was stuck on making his Nimbu pani chocolatey!
"Horlicks doesn't mix in cold water," said I, "Besides, it tastes best with milk."
"Well then we'll add some milk to the nimbu paani and then the Horlicks."
He really can argue, this son of mine.
"Milk and lemons don't mix too well," I told him.
Mercifully, for once, he took my word for it and I got to savour a glass of nimbu paani with a hint of chocolate.

The holidays have surely begun.

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