The Husband and I

17 years .. that’s how far we’ve come – The Husband and I. Two different people.. chalk and cheese, the regimented and the easy going, the talkative and the silent, the compulsive worrier and the positive thinker, the disorganised and the meticulous, the avid fiction reader and the reader of non-fiction, an SRK fan and a fan of The  Exorcist, … yet here we are - together and happy. How has the ‘WE’ lasted, I wonder, sometimes.

Oh well, we’re used to each other. I wouldn’t have him any other way.. ummm… maybe I wouldn’t mind if he’d remember not to leave his wet towel on the bed or would shut the door when he left the house.. and er...r it would be nice if he brought me flowers just sometimes, Oh and those snores.. I wouldn’t miss them.

But then I'm sure he'd like a thousand things different in me too.

I'll just let it go then, and settle down to a few more decades of this chaotic happiness, bonding over post dinner chais and bowls of watermelons.. I with my 'Shopaholic' he with his 'Romancing the Balance Sheet' (Can't get over it that someone actually wrote a book like that. Maybe there are more like The Husband in the world!)

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