Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Blog-Prompt Day 2 - Thirst

I blogged about Lucknow's Bara Mangal last year . One year later.. it's same place same time and the blog prompt for the day is Thirst. That's just so appropriate.

For the record the festival is in honour of Lord Hanuman and was started off my a muslim ruler of Awadh, Nawab Shuja Ud Daulah. It's one of my favourite 'Lucknow' stories and of course a favourite Lucknow festival too. The roads are dotted with cheery pandals, some huge ones and some just as large as a table holding a pot of water and glasses. Bhajans blare out at crossings and the roads wear a festive look. Water and sherbet are the most popular fare on offer, a blessing in the Lucknow heat. That's not all though. Some stalls have the yummiest ever aaoloo, puri, chhole, halwa and boondi. Our surly but rather enterprising man Friday also claimed to have treated himself to some free kadhi-chawal. The menu's getting more eclectic by the year. The bottomline is that no one in Lucknow goes thirsty or hungry on Bara Mangal.

That's the huge Sahara India stall

Could do without the littering!

The heat this year (We were at 43.9 degrees yesterday) seemed to have dampened the fervour a bit. There were fewer stalls and the mela seemed a bit thanda. That's not to say I didn't manage my bit of puri aaloo and it was as delicious as it is every year, a flavour I just cannot replicate in my kitchen much as I try.


  1. The sound of aaoloo, puri, chhole, halwa and boondi just made my day. I think I should make one of these combos tomorrow :)

  2. This is interesting and sounds yummy too!! Missed this celebration during our 1 year stay in Lucknow!

  3. This is interesting and sounds yummy too!! Missed this celebration during our 1 year stay in Lucknow!

  4. good to see such traditions alive :)

  5. Never been to Lucknow, but heard a lot of roadside food..it sounds yummy :))

  6. I have to visit Lucknow esp for its food..yumm! About the heat ..woah!

  7. Simran: Yeah those are classic
    food combinations.
    Shilpa: Hmm... it's celebrated on all four Tuesdays of the month. Surprised you missed it.
    Nimue: Yup.. it's very much a part of Lucknow.
    Pushpa: Yeah.. specially for the non-vegetarians and those with a sweet tooth.
    Sirisha: Lucknow's at it's best in the winters. Try November or February. The heat is deadly.

  8. Had never heard of this festival. And one of the pics here had the word "Pyau" aah! heard that word after ages

  9. Sounds like a ritual that is bound to make one miss home more often. Same thing happens on Baisakhi at Udaipur. :)

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  11. Nice post!I am familiar with bara mangal as spent some years of my childhood there and rest as your neighbour in Allahabad.


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