Saturday, June 01, 2013

Blog-a-prompt 5 - Spicy

Whew!!! Last minute entry for today's prompt.
There really is nothing as spicy as street food. Whether it's the vada pao, misal or bhajiyas from my current hometown - Pune or it's Lucknow's chaat, sprout bhel, khasta, chana jor garam or baati chokha - it just has to be hot hot hot.
Take a look... 
Chillies occupy pride of place amidst the chana and the masala is to die for.

Spicy Tea.. anyone?

Some Magi to go along with that tea.. or will it be a bread pakora
or boiled eggs or aaloo vadas?

Pack some baati chokha off the streets. Baatis (Litti in Bihar) are crisp
dough balls with a filling of spicy 'sattu' that go perfectly with the chokha
which is a baigan-aaloo bharta with a liberal sprinkling of green chillies
that bring on the hicupps and make your nose run.

... and finally the khasta teams up perfectly with potato sabzi which also
has a liberal sprinkling of green chillies.

Oh and the jalebis are here for two reasons.. One, I figured you might want some
meetha after all that spice and two, khasta-jalebi is a combination that has always
been a combination here in Lucknow. There's never one without the other.


  1. Droool!!!

    Why did u do this to me on a saturday morning??

  2. @Sirisha: :-)
    @Smita: Hope you were inspired enough to go out and grab some street junk.

  3. Spicy treats... tantalizing my taste buds now!


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