Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Only U...

… think my cooking is out of the world never noticing the slightly crooked rotis or the overdone daal.  
... happily christen my hardened cakes 'biscuit cakes' and crunch them up with relish.
..  think I sing like a nightingale and fall asleep with a smile to my off tone, off key renditions.
… think I’m fashionista number one fascinated at my barely there ‘makeup’ kit.
… think I’m pretty never noticing the flab only enjoying the warmth as you cuddle up.
… think I've got the grooviest moves as you dance with me to.

Seven years ....
Sure got lucky with you too.


  1. Happy birthday to the bog boy! And may your bond of love strengthen with each passing day!
    God bless him and best wishes to the happy and proud mommy too :)

  2. Aww.. warmest birthday wishes to the duo!! Hope you had a fun birthday :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Loved these lines .. so is the love of kids :)

  5. Belated Birthday wishes to the lad!!! Err are they twins?

    I dunno how I missed this post!!! And where have u been missing my dear?

  6. hey OM! Its been a longgg time..
    hope alls well..

  7. Thanks for the wishes.
    Smita, yes they are twins.
    Priya, thanks for asking.. Yeah been away too long. Hope I'm back now.


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