Chocolate spoons, cup cakes and a party

The drafts have been piling up, my comeback drafts, but I've been weirdly reluctant to press the "publish' key. This post, however, just might get done. It's a party post and I love party posts. Besides, a party is a good way to get back, right?

The kids this time had their birthday in Lucknow so missed out celebrating with their friends. The Husband told them to decide between one big gift each or another party with their friends - not a birthday party, mind you, just a party.

You should have seen them think and debate and argue back and forth. Naisha wanted the party, Hrit wanted the gift, we just wanted a consensus. Finally after much thought a party it was to be.

For long I'd wanted to separate the concepts of 'party' and 'presents'. This party was to have no gifts and no return gifts either. For the record, I have a long lasting vendetta against return gifts and the mega avatar they've taken.

That decision being made the next thing was to convey it to the mums that this wasn't a birthday party. It took a bit of convincing but they came around and did a pretty good job and the kids were primmed well. I just had a few queries of "Aunty where's my return gift?"... far fewer than I expected.

I chose an invite off the Net and fiddled with it so it looked like this.. to make sure everyone got our message.

I did away with the cake and instead got cup cakes for everyone. We put on name flags to avoid fights over colour! Yeah we need to think of everything.

Another fun thing I'd been longing to try out were these chocolate spoons. The recipe I worked with was from here
Since my spoons were plain white I dressed them up a bit with stripey glitter designs with 3-D paint. I loved the result.

All I had to do after that was melt some regular Dairy Milk chocolate on a double burner, pour it out on the spoons and decorate them with sprinkles (which I had ordered from Here's what they finally turned out. Not as good as the ones in the original recipe but then I'm no cook. I do hope to do a neater job next time round.

The menu was simple, the music good and Hrit set the mood with that notice!

The kids had a blast.

With twenty of them in our tiny living room, decibel levels climbed beyond decency. Even as I fretted over what the neighbours would have to say, The Husband slept.. yes slept through it all.

We really should have more of these!

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