Good morning

Early mornings are so not my thing..

We're in Goa and The husband got the strange idea of watching the sun rise from the sea... Yeah I know, it would be a wonderful sight, but the catch is one has to wake up before the sun.. On a holiday... Why that's blasphemy!

But so contagious was The Husband's enthusiasm that we did wake up - at five. And then it started to pour!!!!!! The ever accommodating Husband promptly collected the kids, snuggled together and three of them went back to sleep.

There I was on my own with no desire to get back to bed. Silently berating The Husband for his weird plans I wondered what to do with myself. I reached out for the I-pad to find it needed charging. I sighed. The ticking of the clock seemed unusually loud. Listlessly I wandered around our resort suite. How come it's so small? I wondered. It had seemed so roomy when we arrived.

I walked out onto the tiny balcony and instantly felt better.. The warm, balmy, rainy breeze felt much more friendly than the artificial cool of the AC. It was quiet but for the rain. Even the birds were asleep.

I watched in the hazy light as the rain left fleeting imprints on the surface of the pool.

I watched as the water splashed off shiny leaves that glinted even in the semidarkness of dawn. It slid silently off deck chairs, off the concrete tortoises at the pool and the red tiled roofs.

I watched as a conscientious worker came out in a raincoat and began to clean the pool.

I watched as the sun, dulled gently by the clouds, showed up far in the East and spread silently all around.

I watched........ Enjoying.. Yeah enjoying, as the peace of the moment stole over me.

I might have missed the sunrise but I did catch the morning. Maybe I should do this again - this early morning thing!

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