Blockbuster Weekend

What a weekend this has been and N has been the undisputed leading lady of the week. We had some high octane sports, lots of dance, some drama and a bit of action thrown in too.

On Friday the kids had their Sports Day 
The Husband excused himself, citing "unavoidable official work" (Lest the quotes don't convey my disbelief, let me say it out "I didn't believe him"). He's a heartless man to leave me alone to witness two dozen races all on my own. After finding a place in the first row (some consolation) and trying fruitlessly to strike up a conversation with the two ladies (also alone) on either side I opened my BlackBerry and settled down for the wait. One of the women had brought along a book and I thought that was a great idea. I idly clicked some pics of the empty victory stand and the grounds, thinking that was all what I would take home.

There couldn't have been a day more perfect... clear, breezy and cool

The introductory walk started and H passed by me looking exactly over my head waving to God knows who. Then N came along and spotted me right away. She waved so hard and blew so many kisses that the commentator remarked on it. Muah.. to expressive daughters.

And then she went and won a medal.. yay!! It would not have been a big deal if it hadn't been N. She has been longing for one for the longest time. It was truly a 'dream come true' moment for her. Each Sports Day I handle a deluge of tears so I was just glad she was the one who got it. While H, doesn't normally bother he was a trifle put out with all the attention N was getting.
Still can't quite believe it

That's the trouble with having twins. However, to his credit, he handled it pretty well. He promptly cooked up an imaginary injury (on his hand) because of which he couldn't win!

Saturday morning was the kanjak and N was all thrilled with the morning partying till I burst her bubble a bit with my lecturing. Mums need to do that sometimes.

Saturday evening it was dandiya time, N's forte through and through. The dressing up and the dancing... what more can a girl ask for? Take a look..

Sunday morning it was Dussehra and the kids made a rangoli thanks to Shruti's help from Artsy Craftsy Mum. Of course she'd promised it would take 15 minutes flat but they spent much more time - drawing, wiping, bickering, fighting - it took them all morning. A case of two-many-cooks!

Sunday evening we enrolled N for Bharatnatyam class 
Although I was a bit apprehensive about putting her in but I completely loved the atmosphere - the puja before the enrollment, the Krishna bhajan that won over N instantly - the Indianness of it all was very very heart warming. Such a sweet contrast to the Bollywood dancing I see everywhere. I need to clarify though, that I have nothing against Bollywood dancing, moreso since I'm no good at any dancing at all! But this was just different. I do hope N takes to it and keeps at it.

And finally to end the day ..
H punched N on the mouth and she came home all bloodied. The cuts inside her lip and cheek seemed too deep so we rushed to the hospital where mercifully she didn't need stitches. On antibiotics for the week.


So how was your weekend?

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