Tuesday, October 01, 2013

In Goa

While in Goa...
Naisha: Mama may I have bread-Nutella for breakfast?
Me: Yes
Naisha: May I have just one slice?
Me: Yes
Naisha: May I have breakfast with TV?
Me: Yes
Naisha : Why are you saying 'Yes' to everything?

And so in Goa I turned from a mean mum (In case you're wondering what a true blue mean mum is go here) to a cool one. But aren't holidays about breaking rules?

Coffee (their first) on the couch with Doremon
Pepsi, Sprite and Iced Tea ... to their hearts' content.
Of course they asked to share my mocktails without fail and ended up
finishing it, happily abandoning their drinks proving
yet again that their soft drink hankering is only because it's such a 'no'.

Getting wet in the rain... such a NO on school days!

Maggi for dinner


  1. hey!!! my mom is ditto like that.. she never use to restrict us when we all were on holidays..from the time I remember.. :)

  2. Right magiceye.
    Akanksha - It seems like we went to the same mommy school ;-).

  3. Please share more pictures... Seems like super fun!!

  4. I like how N is looking at the drink :D

  5. Oh this is so sweet! Yes, holidays are truly meant to let your hair down, aren't they?
    Is is Mahindra's Varca property? Looks familiar.

  6. @Shilpa: Yeah.. the kids call me 'NO mama'.

    @~G: Her tongue sticking out..

    @Corinne: You're right.. it is. Have you been there?


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