Thursday, October 17, 2013

On the move

One reason I love road trips is the wonderful sights you get to see..
like this one - an entire family on a bike
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  1. Three members are fine, imagine double the number.

  2. Indrani: that would be a sight for sure.

  3. I'm afraid I see lack of helmets. I'm sure the kid is having fun.

  4. Short rides are fun but long ones along with kids are risky.

  5. Leora:.Unfortunately not everyone realises how helmets can make the difference between life and death.
    KP: Absolutely, and with a kid too.

  6. lovely family :) hopefully the driver understands that safety is important by wearing helmet

  7. Hari Om
    Oh this is a good shot! During my two years I never managed to click one of these despite many attempts. I did find the fact that the driver often wore a helmet but left his passengers to their luck both comical and sad... YAM xx

  8. Amarnaik: Lovely family, indeed.
    Phenomenon: Unfortunate but true.
    Yamini: Thanks... It's comical till it turns sad!
    Janice: Thank You.

  9. Lovely shot. They would have been stopped by the police over here in the Netherlands for not wearing a helmet and for riding with a small child! Some people get away with everything though.. ;)

  10. Kati : In the smaller towns one can get away with almost anything.. Not so in the metros, though.


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