Pet peeves

'May I have a pet', asked H the other day. I knew this was the beginning of a long long debate which would stretch through the years because I was completely sure my answer would never be a 'yes' and my son is tenacious if not anything else.

"Please mama may I have a dog?" he persisted. "And I want a cat", chimed in N.

I steeled my heart and reeled off my list of objections..
Our house is too small.
Who will walk it twice every day?
Who will look after it when we're on vacation?
What about dog/cat hair all over the house?
And the doggy smell.. yikes.

After some time of back and forth.. we'd eliminated dogs, cats, lovebirds and fish.

'May I have a salamander, at least. He doesn't need looking after. He'll eat up insects, he doesn't need to be walked and and we can take him on a holiday in the car with us," that was a tough one to tackle.
But "I don't know where to buy a salamander?" Said I. Simple.

A disappointed H then said in a very small voice.. Can we at least adopt two children then - a boy and a girl for N and I?

Still figuring out how to handle that one.

Lesson of the day: Children are lower than salamanders on the pet-desirability list!