Friday, October 25, 2013

The homecoming

‘…today? He’s leaving?’ I heard them talk. And then I knew it was my last day there. My heart filled with dread. ‘Outside’ was a strange world – busy, crowded, scary. ‘Inside’ was warm, comfortable, safe.

Then I saw it - a tiny face, a tiny happy face. And two larger ones .. eager, worried.. happy too. Back to the tiny face. Fascinating! She stared, blinked. Suddenly she smiled. I felt all warm, warmer ever than I’d felt in my cocoon.

Then, I was smiling too.

Oh yeah I was getting out of the NICU. My twin was waiting. I was going home.

Linking to Write Tribe's 100 words on Saturday -7 

in response to the prompt "I knew it was my last day there" given by Sugandha  of Shades of Life.


  1. Wow.That is a beautiful take in an entirely unexpected setting.

  2. Awww!!! That's so cute and heartwarming! Loved your take on the prompt :)

  3. KP: thank you.
    Shilpa: :-D thanks. That's my son's story.

  4. A touching post, great imagination.

  5. Beautiful and joyful take. That's sweet:)

  6. I just had goosebumps....the idea of the twin waiting is so so so cute!

  7. Hey thanks Nupur.. And great to see you here :-).


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