An unsent letter

Dear M,

This letter has been pending long enough. People say one shouldn't let negative feelings fester, that they need to be aired for a new start. Well so here I am.

You were once my best friend. All through my early years at school you held my hand. Each time I found the world scary and confusing, or felt insecure and inept I just had to spend some time with you and I'd feel my confidence returning. When I was with you I forgot to be scared for you spelt all that was familiar and fun. We had the best of times. Remember those lazy winter days when we'd put on Beatles and rock together? Oh those were the happiest times of my life.

I depended on you, so very much, for years together and you were always there.

Thanks to you I sailed through my class 10 with a super score.

Then came class 11 and things changed. Our friendship soured. It might have had to do something with the change of Boards. Besides, Junior College held loads of distractions and I might not have contributed enough to our relationship. I agree part of it was my fault. However once I came to my senses I tried, tried really hard to salvage our relationship. Do you remember those long sad hours when I'd sit with you trying to figure you out? But you made no attempt to mend fences. Cold and distant you locked me out completely.

Graduation was pure drudgery. I made other friends but your place remained vacant. My grades suffered but that wasn't of consequence. I missed you. Sorely. Then that day when the teacher was scolding me, there you were - not even attempting to hide your smile. How cruel was that! That day you broke my heart.

When I stepped into the corporate world you were always around but I made sure I kept a distance. I skipped lines, gave up finance for marketing, then marketing for journalism trying to find a place where I would never ever meet you.

Since then we've met occasionally. I bump into you at the grocers or at the vegetable vendor's stall and we pass each other by with a cursory nod.

Over the last few years I've seen the twins interacting with you and I see a bond forming. We might not be friends any longer but I see you reciprocating their tentative offers of friendship. You know I'm a sucker for happy endings and in this beginning I see our happy ending. Through the twins maybe we'll be friends again.

Dear Mathematics..I do miss you still.


This letter is part of the Write Tribe's initiative. This week we are writing letters to
The person who caused you a lot of pain / Some one you wish you could forgive.
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