Q is for the Quintessential workaholic

Yeah that's the Husband.

One morning we went out for coffee/chocolate shake and The Husband got an official call..

Here he is at the call.
Then he had an important message to send off.
H got bored waiting for him to finish and wanted to pose with him..
but The Husband didn't notice.
then N had to have her turn and still The Husband didn't notice

Then H decided to have some fun
By now both of them were enjoying themselves
... and some more!
That's how focussed he is.

He payed a pretty heavy price for his work obsession, developing stress related diabetes. However over the last few months there have been some very positive changes. He has joined a gym and to the entire extended family's complete disbelief he has kept at it for the past five months. He is at the gym six days a week, he has lost some weight, he is eating healthier and he keeps early nights.


Five stress busters that work for us...
1. Spending real time with the kids. While they might be the greatest stress creators kids are also the best ever stress busters. The Husband enjoys squabbling with them. He has been putting them to bed more often and they spend ages chatting before they drop off asleep (While I get time to blog.. heh heh).
2. Rediscovering a hobby. Blogging works for me, gardening, crafting, listening to music might work for you.
3. Exercising. Walk, dance, hit the treadmill.. pick any. It works.
4. Meeting up with friends. While elaborate entertaining stresses us out a simple dinner or coffee with friends works just great.
5. Watching Television. Yeah I know TV is a much maligned medium and I'm no blind fan but sometimes sitting before it and watching a film or show and laughing together is just fun.

So what are yours?

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