Saturday, December 14, 2013


I dreamed of you
when I didn't have you
You came along.. Not one but two..
What a wonderful way for my dream to come true!

Two tiny beings.. Too tiny you were.
I dreamed and prayed for health and strength.

Yet again my dream came true
healthy and strong and amazing you grew.

Few years later it was time for school
You cried and cried till I cried too.
I dreamed of a time when you'd love your school day
My dream got real when you smiled all the way.

Each day I watched my dreams come true
and yet each day I dreamt anew.

A dashing young man, a spirited young lady
Goodness and kindness and happiness definitely.
A doctor, a chef, an actress maybe...
A WWE wrestler? Oh Lord help me!!

I want the moon I want the stars
A bit of the sky also for you..
Most of all I want what you want
for all of your dreams are my dreams too!!

The final day is here folks.. Day 7 at the Write Tribe Festival of Words. The prompt for today is 'Dreams'. To share the dreams of some very creative people go here..


  1. A most wonderful way to think about kids. Make them read this when they grow up, such things will help them understand how lucky they are to have you...


  2. Wonderful lines.. You have twins is it? And we must continue dreaming for the children..

  3. A beautiful poem. kids are always a dream come true. A fitting post for the final day.

  4. Richa.. We are fortunate o have them.

    Nischala. Yes I have twins.. There's no end to the dreaming.

    Padmanabha..thank you.

  5. Cute post.

    ... and loved reading all your witty posts, through the last 7 days :)

  6. Beautiful dreams for your children! How lucky they are to have such a sweet Mom!

  7. How sweet is this! Beautiful words full of love, pride and wishes! :)

  8. Iihahs.. Thank you.. Loved the energy all of you brought throughout the festival.

    Robyn.. :-)


  9. beautiful words... a beautiful dream...

  10. Yes, we have so many dreams for our children and there's no joy as great as seeing those dreams coming true. :)

  11. What a lovely finale to the Festival of Words. May all your dreams for your twins come true, more importantly, may all the twins' dreams for themselves come true :D

  12. That was beautiful... All mothers dream that their children's dreams cone true!! Wish your two's the best of everything!! :)
    I had a fab time with you during WT...and I'm sure this fun and interaction will continue!

  13. a sweet poem by a sweet mom for her sweet ones :)

  14. Beautiful OM!!
    "Each day I watched my dreams come true
    and yet each day I dreamt anew." - perfect! :)

  15. Lovely! Boy!! Can you write!!

  16. Beautiful poem on the love of a mother for her kids. Love beautifully expressed:)

  17. I absolutely loved this. So much love went into it. My kids were my dream come true too and continue to be each day of their lives! ♥


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