In the New Year

Aren't accidents things that happen to others? Well yes.. Until they happen to you. We were on our way back from a wonderful holiday in Goa (where I also turned a year older but birthday posts do not come easily to me so this bit of information has to suffice) and it happened to us.

We were travelling in a convoy chatting.. calling, whatsapping.. 12 of us split into three cars. The road is twisting and narrow so we are driving at a careful pace. The Husband being the most careful brought up the rear. One minute we were joking and the next we see a car coming right at us at an alarming angle in a bid to overtake another one. 'Gosh it's sooo close' was my thought before it crashed.. right into us. I barely registered the noise as the air bags sprung out. My first thought was my sister who was in the back seat with my daughter, N. They were thrown right out of their seats. 

It seems like a miracle that we are all fine, in both cars, other than some bruises and muscle pulls. The Husband couldn't get out because the door was stuck. N was a mass nerves and had a small fainting spell and that was as far as the damage went. The cars are however in a bad shape.

What happened was scary. The 'What If's' were way more scary. What if my sister hadn't been with N to break her fall? What if we had been pushed off the road to a fall along the mountainside? What if we hadn't worn our seatbelts? On and on...

As I sneak away from the family (who are all writing down their New Year resolutions complete with signatures) to quickly type this last post completing my hundred for the year, I have plenty to be thankful for. 

This laughter, this togetherness is the only gift I want to take with me as I enter 2014.

Happy New Year Everyone!

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