Life after twins

A lazy morning...
Morning walk.
Cup of tea, peaceful music, newspaper.
A glance at the clock.
Two tiffins, two breakfasts.
A quiet conversation, a hug.
Laptop bags, phones, office.

A crazy morning...
Scramble out of bed. Hurry!
Four tiffins, four breakfasts, twenty fights, forty cribs, bargains, threats, smiles, tears, hugs, pleas.
Two washrooms.... Aaaaaargh!!! Hurry Hurry!!
Ponytails, mismatched socks, spilt milk, forgotten homework, lost pencils, half eaten breakfast.
School bags, Skating bags, Laptop bags, project models, water bottles, ribbons, ties, jackets, phones..
Hurry hurry hurry!
School bus. Office.

So you think I'd do things differently?

Nah.. Never.

Linking to 100 words on Saturday-10

For the prompt 'I'd do things differently' given by Aditi of Life Is A Journey….Make It BeaYOUtiful

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