Saturday, December 07, 2013

Of love and donkeys..

Last Sunday afternoon as we switched on the television the fag end of the film 'Ajab Prem ki Gazab Kahani' was in progress. Ranbir is saving Katrina from the bad men. Katrina runs towards him and exclaims, 'Prem!' 'Jenny', say Ranbir Kapoor... 'Prem', 'Jenny,' .... On they go.
While N got caught in the 'tense' moment H let out a squeal of laughter.. "Jenny, he called her a Jenny.. a she donkey. He's calling her a she donkey."
Bet the film makers didn't think of that! (I'm sure Jenny has another meaning).

Then comes a dialogue "Tum is ghar ki Bahu banne wali ho!" (!) and N asks,
"What's a Bahu?"
"Daughter-in-law", say I.
"What's a daughter-in-law?"
Seriously sometimes the kids amaze me with what they know and sometimes with what they do not. While I was coming up with a reply she says, trying to make it easier for me,
"Who's our daughter-in-law?"
"Nobody," say I. "We don't have one".
"Does masi have one?"
"Never mind then", says she losing interest.

And then finally at the happily ever after as Ranbir gives Katrina a kiss on the cheek.. "yuk," says Hrit covering his face with his hands.."He kissed a she donkey!"

Sorry Katrina the kids are just not Hindi film buffs.


  1. LOL :D I believe Jenny must be a she donkey in some story book! :D
    True, it is amazing to note that they know some unbelievable stuff and are clueless on basic things.

  2. Shilpa: 'Jenny' is actually the term for a female donkey. H has his facts in order.

  3. To N Jenny is a she-donkey and Ranbir kissing Jenny is amusing.I liked his innocence.

  4. Given the fact that Jenny is a she donkey, maybe the script writer or the director did it on purpose to Katrina :)

    Cute post :)

  5. KP:.. So did I. The kids provide loads of laughs.

    Jairam: Now that's something I hadn't thought of.

  6. When I saw Yuk , I remembered Vineesh reaction when he sees a kiss but the donkey version mind blowing .


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