U is for Unperturbed

... by the mess, there she sits.. reading and playing a flute.. playing a flute for godsake. Amazing, isn't it.. how some things just do not register with kids, let alone bother them.. while they can drive the adults completely crazy??

If you're a busy mum like me, here are two pointers that might help..

Get the kids to clean with you rather than on their own.
Break up the whole cleaning exercise into smaller tasks.

I mean look at that room.. it's daunting for an adult let alone a child even if she's messed it herself.
On the days that I'm too tired I simply pull a chair and sit and bark out instructions like a military Sergeant..
1. Pick up the books and put them on the shelf
2. Deflate the float and put it in the cupboard
3. Put away the clothes.
4. The flute goes in the toy basket.
... and so on.

It works.

And if you don't have time for this, simply shut the door to the kids' room and chill. After all there's always tomorrow.

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