We're all in it together!

Isn't being together the essence of Christmas? This year togetherness took on a new meaning when our very own Vidya turned into the bestest Santa ever and put together a book that had a bit of all of us. The busy bloggers of our writing group Write Tribe  selected their best posts to go into the book. Mails and messages bounced around carrying reminders and clarifications along with the usual crazy banter of WTers.. nope we never talk straight or short (check Vidya's blog posts if you're in doubt!). I digress.. but I warned you, didn't I.. no straight or short work here.

The book was part of Vidya's fiftieth birthday initiative.. yeah she's a bit upside down like that - people get gifts for their birthdays but she decided to give a gift instead. And so finally after months of slogging and editing and re-editing she got the book out of her Santa bag bang on Christmas. Take a look..

The most heartfelt thanks ever to her, she's the best. Thanks are also in order for Corrine for supporting the initiative and to Vaisakh who spent long hours cleaning up our works. You can download the book here

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