Thursday, January 16, 2014

100 Happy Days - Week 2

This 100 Happy Days project is growing on me. I blogged about it last week - it's a pledge to find at least one happy thing each day for 100 days.

Over the last week I've found myself watching out for the happy stuff and rejoicing each time something happy happens. I've had to pick and choose the happiest of them all. Here goes..

Another surprise!

Last week I came back after a spot of very functional, very boring shopping. Not the kind I enjoy at all. My feet were hurting as was my head from an impending cold. The thought of making even my single chapati for lunch seemed terribly daunting. I was considering settling for bread. I unlocked the door and found my cleaning maid at work. Now she is not a cook but there she was at the stove making a chapatis! She' a true blue Maharashtrian and days ago she was telling me how they made jowar rotis with peanut-garlic chutney and I had said "You must make it for me one day." And this turned out to be that 'one day'. Miraculous, isn't it? So both of us had these huge jowar rotis with the hottest, spiciest chutney. Yumm...I don't even remember when I've last had a hot chapati straight off the tawa.

The kids are my next happiness..

N has taken to putting the alarm and waking up half an hour before I wake her up each morning. It's been a week and it's just such a blessing not to have to start your day with a crying reluctant girl. H is no trouble in any case. I guess half my happiness stems from starting my day on such a happy note. So after the kids are up I sit with my cup of tea and they laze round, chat and cuddle before the day starts off. Such peace.

..and there's more

Since I was in Goa for my birthday my friends decided to celebrate it now. So some two weeks after the real thing I had another one. One of them got me this wonderful soup bowl which goes so well with my current weight loss drive. And there's a set of deos too.

Souper fun!

Since it's a 100 day project I'm looking at 15 weeks of happiness. Keep reading. And if you're blogging about this too, leave a comment and I'll hop over to share your happiness.

Meanwhile.. keep smiling!


  1. What tiny blessings...right!

    btw its such a treat to have hot rotis straight from the tawa, right...I crave for those too :)

  2. Lucky you.....garam garam roti...yummm

  3. Rainbow Hues: Yeah and if you're doing the cooking, by the time you're through with the chores they've all gone cold.

    Sid: Absolutely..

  4. Wow!! Small joys of life! Garma garam jowar roti... awesome! And love the soup bowl :)

  5. it's almost 1 in the night and I miss jowar rotis from home! :) Cheers on the #100HappyDays project!

  6. Lucky you are with your daily quota of small joys.Look for them in ordinary happenings even like opening the window to look at the sky.

  7. Shilpa..isn't it just great.. The soup bowl? And sooo BIG. 'Since you're having just this for dinner might as well up', said my friend.

    Maggie: I presume you've had it before. It was a first for me and I so loved it.

    KP: I'm learning to do just that.

  8. Nice dose of happiness. Happy kids make happy moms - ever so true - or is it the other way around?

  9. Suzy.. You're bang on.. It works both ways.

  10. Tiny blessings added together warm the heart and make all the difference!! So happy to see you so happy. Blessings to you! ♥

  11. Thanks Kathy. It's the little things that make a big difference.

  12. Count your blessings and that's what life is all about:)

  13. Absolutely Vishal.. trying to do just that.


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