B has to be for blogging

Today I do a 'listicle' (yeah that's a legitimate word for an article written out as a list) on 

5 reasons I love blogging

1. I can write anything I please.. 
...absolutely anything. That's a freedom I never had in my job as a journalist. I can write at my whim in my time, or not write at all if I so please. Interestingly, it's this freedom that pushes me to commit to a certain deadline and stick with some kind of a schedule. Paradoxical isn't it?

2. It kept my passion for writing alive 

... and made me better at it. Over the last few years I've tried my hand at fiction, flash fiction, even a tiny bit of poetry. How cool is that!! I find myself trying to think out of the box, to look at things from varied perspectives. I feel I've grown as a writer.

3. It made me more observant

I find things and people more interesting. I listen more.. after all there can be a story anywhere. When I'm out waiting - at the dentist's or in the supermarket queue I consciously do not reach out for my phone to while away time. I look at and interact more with people, strangers. It's made me a friendlier person. Also, I find myself reaching out for the camera more often.

4. It got me friends

..on the Net, lots of them. Some are smart, some emotional, some super organised, some completely scatterbrained but all very very creative, supportive and warm. Mercifully I've been spared the Net trolls. I haven't met a single one of them! And you know the best part? I carry my friends in my iPad.

5. It makes me a happier person

Can anything beat that? I started blogging after I had kids. Stuck at home, overworked and harried, blogging helped me retain my sanity and sense of humour. It brought me friends and advice and support. I wrote about it earlier here. When I blog about something happy it remains with me longer. When I blog about something not so happy I find understanding and that makes me feel better too. And then there are the comments. Only a blogger will know what a high they bring.

So keep blogging friends and keep dropping by. Oh and do not forget to leave a comment.. remember 5 (above)? :-D

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