C is for Clock Towers

That's the clock tower in my hometown Lucknow. Isn't it magnificent?

In Lucknow we call it the Ghantaghar. Literally translated it means hour (Ghanta) house (ghar).. pretty apt, I say. Ghanta also means a 'big bell' in Hindi and that fits in well too, bell-house, since it must have tolled to tell time.

A few facts..
Height:  67 meters - It is the tallest tower in India.
Built in: 1887
By: Nawab Nasir Ud Din Haider
To: mark the arrival of Sir George Couper, the first Lieutenant General of the Awadh Province.

As a kid I remember the grounds around the tower where we'd accompany our dad for his morning walk. I love it's old worldly feel and deep red colour. In case you want to read more about clock towers of Lucknow you can go to An Indian Muslim's Blog.

Back then clocks and watches were a rarity so it must have been a structure of some importance, specially for calling out people for prayer. How lost we feel now without a clock! Come to think about it not being driven by time wouldn't be such a bad idea, right? Of course only if you don't have angry bosses waiting for you, or the school bus to catch each morning. Life would have been amazingly laid back and relaxed.

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