Sunday, January 12, 2014


The icy wind, sharp as shards of glass, cut through his frayed blanket. He was no stranger to winter on the streets. He remembered at least 10 of the 14 years of his young life but it had never been this bad. He closed his eyes praying for sleep.

Suddenly … something warm against his back. He sat up abruptly, warily. Two large eyes looked back at him, desperate, beseeching.

Strangers in the night ... they stared at each other.

Slowly, he extended his blanket.

And then they slept ..
curled up together,
giving and receiving warmth.
Strangers no longer.

Boy and dog.

Linking to Write Tribe's 100 words on Saturday introduced in February 2013 on Everyday Gyaan.

This week's prompt 'Strangers in the night' was given by the lovely Suzy Que.


  1. That is a wonderful story with an unexpected end.Wow

  2. The other day I got off at a station here and while I was walking past, I saw a man and a dog sleeping together under a blanket on the footpath.

    Love and compassion! Yes, strangers no more!

  3. The street people look out for each other and it does not matter if they're acquainted or not. They are bonded, somehow.

    Very nicely written, Tulika!

  4. KP.. Thanks..

    Rainbow Hues.. I've seen it too. The cold blurs the difference between humans and animals.. It becomes a common enemy.

  5. Vidya: thank you.. Yes, there is a bond for sure.

  6. We find help from unexpected people, at times. Lovely post about sharing and helping others.

  7. Simple yet so impactful. Very well written, Tulika. And thanks for your appreciation on my blog.

  8. Sulekha.. Yes absolutely.

    Sujata.. Thanks.

  9. Awesome twist :) Very well written!

  10. Ohh what a nice and different take on the prompt! :)

  11. I have tears in my eyes. I am a pet person though I don't have a pet presently. But this is such a sweet story of love between humans and animals.. And yes on the street as vidya says all are bonded..


  12. Very well written! You painted a cold winter night on the streets in a few words.
    Thanks for your visit.

  13. Magic quill, Payal.. Thanks

    Naba.. This is all I could think of reading about the falling temperatures everywhere.

    Richa: even though I am not a pet person I can empathise with street animals.. The cold must be as bad for them as the humans. I've seen them shivering and huddling together on the streets.

    Wil: thanks right back at you for dropping by!

  14. Ohh this is really really sweet. Strangers, but not anymore.

  15. Hey thanks A Walk into the Woods.

  16. Love the thrilling end. Absolutely well written and racy:)

  17. Brilliant take on this.....Never ever could have thought of such a turn :)

  18. Man's best friend , the four-legged canine. The boy and the dog both provided warmth to each other. The wintry cold is a great leveler.

  19. This was a good one...Am tempted to get a doggie to curl up with.

  20. Vishal: racy.. Wow thanks.
    Sid: the sight is not so uncommon in the North.
    Kalpana.. Yes it is.. A common enemy.
    Snigs.. It was inspired by your picture..remember?
    Aayesha.. Thank you.

  21. Aww! That's a sweet one and tugged at heart! Lovely one for the prompt :)

  22. Thanks Shilpa.. Good to have you back!

  23. Oh wow! you said very well with a real and down to earth theme...lovely take on the prompt


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