Wednesday, January 08, 2014

My Little Sister

He sat sulking, eyes straying to the clock, waiting his turn at the TV. He could hear the endless Barbie movie in the next room. Ugh! Girls! If only he had a brother instead. They would have raced cars and watched Ben 10 forever. He would trade her any day.

Or would he?

Would the brother call him bhai as sweetly as she did? Would he make silly faces till he laughed after mum yelled at him? Would he hold his hand at the movies, even though he wouldn’t admit he was scared?

Nope! He wasn’t letting her go, ever!

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  1. Aww!! That's so sweet and heartwarming!! Amen to that :)

  2. Shilpa.. Wonder when my son will start thinking like that. He's still dreaming of a younger brother.

  3. loved it... a bother wanting a little brother and then realizes that the little sister he has is precious :)

  4. A very different perspective...
    And I loved this!

  5. a real situation penned down following self realization....too good

  6. Very sweet. Little sisters adore their older brothers but do older brothers adore their little sisters?

  7. Suzy.. In our case she's just a few minutes younger.. So the dislike is retry mutual I'd say!

    Shellymona: yeah.. They do have their moments.

    Locomente.. Thank you

    Naba: I think at some subconscious level he does love her.

  8. I am a unique piece but have a lot of cousins so I can sure relate :)


  9. How sweet! I am sure your twins are joined at the hip...even if they don't know that yet :)

  10. Awww that is so sweet! Made me smile! ♥

  11. Pheno.. Do you too have a cousin sister who drove you crazy?

    Rainbow Hues.. I'm waiting for the realisation to dawn on them.

    Kathy.. Glad to put a smile on your face.

  12. Sweet and cute. How I wish I had a sister who would shout at me, cuddle me, pinch the cheeks and hold ma hands:)

  13. Yes, howsoever we fight with our siblings.. we would never trade them for anything.. Lovely post :)

  14. Payal :-D
    Jyotsana.. Deep down we do love them even though we might not know it or acknowledge it even to ourselves.


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